Gimbals Glorious take-outs

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Set dinner Saturday

Special set dinner for 2 (S)
Any of the add-ons at the bottom of the page would accompany this meal perfectly. cooking Instructions included. This is a set menu for 2. Available for collection or delivery.  

Gimbals Cheese and onion pie (S)

Gimbals famous creamy Lancashire, cheese and onion pie. (S)
Made with the finest creamy Lancashire cheese and Yorkshire mature cheddar. Melted white onions and hand made shortcrust pastry. Made with love. Comes with 150g  Jar of Sweet cucumber pickle and Gimbals made baked beans - White cannellini beans in Gimbals homemade tomato sauce. Pie serves up to 10. £3 back on return of baking dish. Collection and delivery available.

À la carte

1. To Start (S)

Hand carved Friendly smokehouse cherry wood smoked salmon. (S)
Hand carved Friendly smokehouse cherry wood smoked salmon with caper berries, dill crème fraiche, pea shoot, radish and samphire salad, brown sourdough and hand churned butter.
Roast cauliflower and nigella seed bhaji. (S)
Roast cauliflower, white onion and nigella seed bhaji, yellow split pea Dahl with minted coconut yogurt and date and tamarind syrup.
Gimbals traditional Focaccia- Enough for 2. (S)
Gimbals homemade traditional focaccia, garden herb olive oil, Gimbals balsamic syrup. Enough for 2.
Isle of Man queen scallops. (S)
Isle of Man queen scallops with a gratin of prawns, cotija, mild jalapeno and lime.
Nduja, Manchego and potato cakes. (S)
Nduja, Manchego and potato cakes with slow roasted tomatoes, white onion and oregano.  

2. Mains (S)

Brisket of beef. (S)
Brisket of beef, braised in ox tail, ale and Gimbals beef tea with aligot.
Salt baked celeriac hash brown. (S)
Salt baked celeriac hash brown with a smoked garlic roasted Portabello mushroom filled with melted white onions, spinach, feta and pine nuts with candy beetroot relish.  
Slow cooked BBQ sticky belly pork. (S)
Slow cooked BBQ sticky belly pork, wild garlic sauteed green beans, smoked pineapple chutney and crackling.  
Wild Stone bass steak. (S)
Wild Stone bass steak with roasted red peppers, salsa verde, samphire and Allioli.
Chicken Schnitzel. (S)
Chicken schnitzel with mooli apple remolade with Sicilian preserved lemon mayo.
Gimbals Mac n' cheese. (S)
Dorset crab, wild prawn, lobster bisque and Monterey Jack mac n’ cheese with truffle crumb.

3. Sides – Enought for 2 (S)

Homemade hummus with mint and pomegranate jewels. (S)
Heirloom tomato salad, shredded basil, local creamy ricotta and Gimbals balsamic syrup dressing. (S)
Gordal pitted olives, small tin 150g (S)
Roasted sweet potato wedges, jalapeños, scallions, lime and date syrup. (S)
Roasted sweet British carrots, melted white onions, cauliflower and nigella seeds. (S)
Baby Cornish Charlotte potatoes, slightly crushed with crème fraiche, butter, mint and chives. (S)

4. Puddings and cheeses – one each is essential!! (S)

Greengage plum and apple crumble with Chantilly cream. (S)
Gimbals artisan cheese board. (S)
“Devils Rock” organic mild blue from the award-winning Pexteniment cheese company, Todmorden, Dewleys creamy Lancashire and Worthy farm (Glastonbury festival farm) reserve cheddar with Simons spicy nuts, sweet cucumber pickle, quince paste and Gavino olive oil biscuits with rosemary and sea salt.  
Gimbals treacle tart with Cornish clotted cream. (S)
Gimbals famous sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and double cream. (S)
Fresh Bilberry posset with orange and vanilla biscotti. (S)
Gimbals Glorious chocolate truffles. (S)

5. Add-ons (S)

Piano de pico - Table beer (S)
Cosmopolitan 200ml. (S)
90ml Best Vodka 30ml Triple sec 60ml cranberry juice 20ml lime juice enough for 2.
Poncha (S)
A Madeiran cocktail of fresh lemon, fresh orange, honey, white rum and Cachaca 200ml
Chin Chin, Vinho Verde. 750ml (S)
This white wine from Quinta do Ermizio in Northern Portugal is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. If the art on the outside of the bottle isn't enough then the art on the inside definitely will be. The bottle is filled with flavour and crispness. Label created by Portuguese artist Jose Miguel Mendez.
Magic Rock “Salty Kiss” Gooseberry Gose. (S)
Originally a collaboration brew with Kissmeyer Beer. A traditional German style Gose, flavoured with Gooseberry, Sea Buckthorn and Sea Salt. Tart, lightly sour, fruity and refreshing with a defined saltiness an excellent accompaniment to food.
Gimbals Balsamic Syrup 200ml (S)
Gimbals famous “Damson Negroni” 200ml. (S)
Gimbals wild damson gin 75ml, Gimbals blood orange vodka 50ml, and rose vermouth 75ml.
Gimbals “Cherry Lips” 200ml (S)
London dry gin 75ml, cherry liquor 75ml, cherry syrup, cherry bitters and fresh lime.
Gimbals “Love Potion” 200ml. (S)
Pudsey Rhubarb vodka 100ml, fresh lime juice, rhubarb syrup, triple sec 50ml, and orange bitters.
The trouble with dreams (S)
This beautiful English sparkling wine from the South Downs is an absolute treat, we feel so lucky to be able to sell this from our shop. Makes the perfect gift or the perfect treat for yourself. Chardonnay dominant that expresses itself freely and without force. Full of delicious flavor.
Gordal pitted olives, small tin 150g (S)
Prosecco Rose Spumante Brut, “LUNETTA” Fresh and Dry (S)