Gimbals Glorious take-outs


Allergies- Please inform of any allergies in the notes section when placing your order.


Collection and delivery are available for this Saturday. Please select chosen day below. Ordering cut off day is Thursday 7PM every week. We would suggest ordering after Monday as we like to change the menu over the weekend.

cheese and onion pie Saturday

Gimbals famous Creamy Lancashire cheese and melted onion pie. (S)
Feeds 6.  

Set dinner Saturday

Special set dinner for 2. (S)
Any of the add-ons at the bottom of the page would accompany this meal perfectly. cooking Instructions included. This is a set menu for 2. Available for collection or delivery.  

Regular menu

Items (S)

Gimbals Homemade sundried tomato & smoked garlic focaccia, balsamic syrup & olive oil, chickpea hummus, Gordal pitted olives. Enough for 2. (S)
Enough for 2.
Aromatic duck salad. (S)
Aromatic Persian spiced duck breast salad, purple plumb, hazelnuts, rose pickled shallots.
Roasted cauliflower, white onion & nigella seed bhajis. (S)
Roasted cauliflower, white onion & nigella seed bhajis, black dahl & cucumber raita.
Isle of Man Queen scallops. (S)
Isle of Man Queen scallops with prawn, Amalfi lemon, coriander, wild garlic & gruyere gratin.
British asparagus. (S)
British asparagus, Nduja crumb, mozzarella, lemon zest & olive oil. (hot or cold)
Salt baked celeriac & wild thyme rosti. (S)
Salt baked celeriac & wild thyme rosti, portobello mushroom filled with melted onions, wilted spinach, creamy feta, raisins & toasted pine kernels with a confit of sunshine tomatoes. (can be vegan)  
Sticky BBQ belly pork. (S)
Sticky BBQ belly pork, garlic sauteed green beans, pineapple salsa & crackling.  
Lamb Kleftiko (S)
Lamb Kleftiko-Slow cooked leg of lamb in a paper parcel with lemon juice, garlic, garden rosemary & oregano, fondant potato, hummus & mint sauce.
Open wild Sea trout ravioli. (Made with homemade fresh pasta) (S)
Open wild Sea trout ravioli, lobster bisque, garlic aioli, gruyere & truffle crumbs.
Truffle & wild garlic stuffed chicken breast. (S)
Truffle & wild garlic stuffed chicken breast with oven baked risotto, fresh garden peas, edamame beans, pecorino.

Sides – Enought for 2 (S)

Sauteed potatoes, peppers & shallots, ancho chilli flakes. (S)
Gently crushed jersey royal potatoes, mint & chive butter. (S)
Baby veg a la Francaise-peas, broad beans, Chantenay carrots & baby gem with lovage pesto. (S)

Puddings (S)

Saint Clements Posset, potted elderflower raspberries. (S)
Gimbals famous sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce & pouring cream. (S)
Plum Clafoutis-Baked plum pudding with cream. (S)
Chocolate truffles. (S)
Gimbals dark chocolate truffles.

Add-ons (S)

Karma Drinks-"Karma Cola" organic 300ml. (S)
Karma Drinks-"Gingerella" organic ginger ale 300ml. (S)
Karma Drinks-"Lemony" organic lemonade 300ml. (S)
Chin Chin, Vinho Verde. 750ml (S)
This white wine from Quinta do Ermizio in Northern Portugal is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. If the art on the outside of the bottle isn’t enough then the art on the inside definitely will be. The bottle is filled with flavour and crispness. Label created by Portuguese artist Jose Miguel Mendez.
Gimbals Balsamic Syrup 200ml (S)
Prosecco Rose Spumante Brut, “LUNETTA” Fresh and Dry (S)